Two Australian sporting icons going head to head... what's not to like?


I honestly see the appeal of a rematch. The illegal blow from Mundine to the back of Green's head in the first round almost certainly changed the outcome of the fight. Both fighters after the fight now have one win each on the score cards. Also, lets not forget the controversial score cards. A third fight would almost certainly put some finality to the saga.

With all of this considered however, the last fight was one of the worst nights for Australian boxing in recent memory. The event brought a new era of casual fans to feast their eyes upon a professional boxing bout. The event was so popular that pubs across Australia were packed with more people than a free beer night. A representative from Foxtel told me that publicans who vehemently refused to pay the $1,000.00 price tag to display the event, were reneging in the days leading up to it when they realised the popularity that the fight card had. With all of this considered it should have been a glorious day for Australian boxing. But it instead was a stunning display of everything wrong with professional boxing in one night. 

The night kicked off with some incredibly poor matches. The under card consisted of one ass kicking after another, with almost no exciting moments. Nothing helps a talented boxer to achieve the coveted 10-0-0 record like flying untalented boxers in from third world countries for a beating. They then added to the quagmire by adding an embarrassing display from an Australian rugby icon... well 2 actually. Quade Cooper was matched up with an obese and untalented boxer, and paid for it sorely. In the end, Cooper looked more depressed to win his fight than Mundine would be if he had nothing to whinge about. 

Then we got to the main event. It wasn't all terrible, and it certainly had its moments. But the most significant blow of the night was illegal and dirty. It was a stunning display of poor sportsmanship by a man who is renowned for his poor sportsmanship. Then 12 uneventful rounds ensued which climaxed in a controversial decision. I personally don't think the decision was wrong. However with one judge scoring the fight 98-90, it kicked off no end of controversy from couch boxers and keyboard warriors alike. Which brings me to another big issue with professional (and amateur) boxing. Judges scoring in boxing is notoriously inconsistent. With any sport there will be an element of subjective human error. However the scoring on the night was utterly woeful and gave the event more negative media attention than it already received. 

The event was a very clear cash grab and gave no air of a bona fide sporting event. No consideration was given to the event itself and instead it was propped up by the names of several key boxers on the card. This was then displayed to millions of eyes with no context, and promoted as the premier of the Australian boxing. 

I believe a third event would further damage the credibility of Australian boxing. There is so much talent coming up through the Australian ranks. There are plenty of fighters who talk with their fists instead of on Sunrise. It would be great to see people vote with their wallets and support their local promotions. With so much renewed interest in combat sports in recent years, it would be great to see a reemergence of the sport across Australian TV screens.