Have you ever wondered why the January New Year Resolution train is often derailed by February?

It's that time of year again where everyone renews their yearly goals, and vows to stick with them all year long. Whether it be losing weight, exercising more or giving up smoking, they often don't last long. There is a fundamental thing that plagues so many of us and interferes with our will power, and it happens so quickly. 

But why?

This is because the new year brings so much motivation, and it is motivation that is the problem. Unfortunately motivation is not enough to see you through the whole year. Motivation is fleeting, and it is the first thing you will lose after a busy day at work or a stressful day with the kids. What you need instead of motivation is routine. 

Routine is the thing that makes you get out of bed when you don't feel like training. After a bad day at work routine tells you that the gym is the next stop before home. Routine also tells you that today is not your cheat day and to put that doughnut down.

Use your new year motivation to set up your routine. Write your goals down and develop an actionable plan for your goals. Write down every step for every day of the week and REVIEW IT DAILY. Get yourself a training buddy who will hold you in your routine when your motivation fails. Now is the time before your will power for the new year wear off!

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