What weight gloves should I buy?

Boxing gloves are measured in ounces and they range usually between 8oz-20oz. With so many options it raises the question... which gloves are best for me?


8-10 oz Gloves

8-10oz gloves are typically used by professional fighters in competition. They are very light and generally do not have much protection for your hands. They are not very useful for training and typically you are not allowed to spar in them. They are not very safe for bag use as they have very little protection.

12-14 oz Gloves

12oz gloves are the standard for competition in amateur boxing. They provide a bit of padding and protection for the hands, and are better than 8-10oz gloves for general training. 14oz gloves are not as common to find. They are used by some gyms for sparring, but typically are swapped out for 16oz or heavier. They are not as safe to use for bag training as 16oz+ gloves,  but they can be used. If using for bag training, ensure that your hands are adequately wrapped. 

16 oz Gloves

16oz gloves are the most commonly used gloves for training. They are great for sparring as they have good padding around the knuckles. They are also great for bag work and have great coverage for the hands. It is still important to wrap your hands however. They are great multi purpose gloves and are the standard for most gyms. 


18-20 oz Gloves

These are very heavy gloves and are great for heavy hitters. They have more padding than is needed for most sparring sessions, which is never a bad thing. They help reduce injuries through extra padding and are great for bag work. They are not as useful for doing speed training as they are too heavy. 

If you have any other questions about buying your gloves, feel free to send us a message.